Broadway Bound!

Musical Theatre (4th-12th Grade)

At KK's Dance Company, we thrive on the theatricals of performing! Our Musical Theatre class is one of our favorites, and is full of energy! If your dancer loves to express themselves through singing, dancing, or acting, this class is highly recommended. Dancers will learn the fundementals of Theatre through team building activities, acting games (Physical, Vocal, and Expressions),  and extra musical performances throughout the year. This class is perfect for your little Drama Queen! ;) 

This class is recommended for any dancer interested in Theatre, is on the Performance Company, or are in need of a boost in confidence! 

What to wear: Dancers may wear any style of dancewear they choose (leotard, tights, leggings, t-shirt, dance shorts, etc). Dancers will need Black Jazz shoes and a small black binder to keep sheet music & scripts in. Small dance bag is needed. 

RECITALS: Dancers in this class will perform skits and rountines in the "KKDC Holiday Spectacular" as well as the Year-End Spring Recital. Students will also perform Musical Theatre performances in their own showcase in the Spring.