Performance Company 

Our KKDC Performance Company is a group of dancers who want to take their training to the next level. They are well rounded in all forms of dance, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre- i.e.

They learn it all! Performance Company Dancers are students who want more stage time, and wish to be apart of our Company Productions, joining us at competitions, occasional community performances, and other performance events throughout the year. 

Our Performing Company requires talent, commitment, dedication, passion, hard work, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to perform and grow as a dancer.  Our Company includes dancers of all ages,  from our Broadway Baby program (years 2-4) all the way up through High School. This super talented group of dancers light up the stage with their never ending energy and continually inspires the audience with their contagious enthusiasm for dance and theatrics. 

It is a PRIVILEGE  and a COMMITMENT to be part of KKDC's Performance Company and therefore dancers need to meet a few requirements. Being in the Company involves: 

  • Choosing dance as a priority over other extracurricular activities

  • Attendance to 3 competitions

  • Attendance to a Performance Company Summer Intensive Camp

  • Participation in the "KKDC Holiday Spectacular",  and Spring Year-End Recital

  • Attendance to at least 1 community Performance (Branson, MO Performance, etc. *Pending for 2021*

  • All PC Members are required to take Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Tumbling, and Jazz. 

Tuition: $125/month


Competitive Team Fee:

Performance Company Members must pay a $150 participation fee (non-refundable) to participate. This fee ensures your dancer's dedication to our competitive team. Your dancer will receive a Team Box, including fun goodies (new team t-shirt, company sticker, and more surprises!). (Fee due Friday, September 3rd) 

Extra Choreography: 

Solo- $100 (per solo) *Includes Performance Coaching, Edited/cut music, and video of original choreography)

Duet- $50 per dancer *Includes Performance Coaching, Edited/Cut music, and video of original choreography)

*Solo/Duet fees due by November 1st*


This year, we are asking dancers to bring a few things to class:

-Yoga Mat

-Yoga Block


***Dancers will bring their yoga mat once a week (Yoga blocks can be kept in the studio in their own designated cubby). Yoga mats and blocks will be used for Acrobatic work, and flexibility. 


Shoes dancers will need this year:

-Ballet Shoes/Lyrical Turners  

- Black Jazz shoes

- Slip on Tap shoes (If your dancer is taking Tap). 

Ballet shoes- Ballet shoes will be used for Acrobatics/Tumbling. There will be NO BARE FEET on the mats.  



Our competition mentality is a very positive one! We believe a positive approach helps produce a positive outcome, and there is always something higher to achieve. We want our dancers to focus on doing their personal BEST, not winning. For us, competition will always be about motivating, inspiring, and educating kids in a positive environment. At competition, we will receive constructive criticism from experienced, knowledgeable judges with different backgrounds, and we will use this feedback as a basis for improvement and growth as dancers and performers!