Tutu Cute

   Ages 2-4 

For our ages 2-4, "Tutu Cute" is for our tiny beginner Dancers. With a different themed Dance curriculum every month, your little performer will love dancing in the fairy garden, prancing around with unicorns, or riding on a rainbow (and much more, oh my!). In this 30 minute class of creative movement, Dancers will learn beginner Ballet steps focusing on poise, as well as Tap techniques showing rhythm and style! Your little Dancer will grow confident as a Performer and will make their Stage debut with grace. 



All dancers will need any color of leotard of their choice and tights (Tutu is optional, but totally fun!). Dancers will need black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, and a dance bag for class. Hair pulled back away from their face.




Dancers will perform a Ballet routine in the "KKDC Holiday Spectacular" and a Ballet and Tap routine in the Year-End Spring Recital.